A Better Approach To Deworming

When the traditional methods of deworming were designed in the 1960s, experts suggested that horse owners deworm their horses every two months. This aggressive approach to managing worms in horses was created mostly in an attempt to target the parasite known as Strongylus Vulgaris, otherwise known as the large strongyle. Over the years, this deworming […]

Why You Should Become A Professional Groom

In the modern equine industry, there truly may be no better way to enter the field than to become a professional groom. Grooms have front-row access to some of the most prestigious equestrian events in the world, along with access to tips, experience and tricks from the biggest names in the business. If you have […]

Dealing With A Picky Eater

They’re every owner’s worst nightmare: picky eaters. There are a few different reasons your horse may be giving you a hard time when it’s time to chow down, but regardless of the reason, it can be quite the headache. We buy our horses the best supplements and grains that we can in order to promote […]

Working To Prevent Lameness In Your Horse

Dealing with lameness can be extremely frustrating. The equine body is incredibly complex, and despite their large stature, horses require a considerable amount of upkeep and management in order to maintain their health and physical wellness. Continue reading for tips on working to prevent lameness in your horse to keep them healthy and sound. Diet […]

Overcoming Anxiety Or Fear As An Equestrian

Many riders know the feeling all too well; that unpleasant nervous feeling that pops up when riding, or even when just spending time around horses. It’s the last thing you want to associate with horses and riding; horses are in your heart! You look forward to your time at the barn and your next lesson, […]

How To Form A Bond With Your Horse Outside Of The Saddle

One of the most rewarding aspects of owning or riding a horse is the incredible bond that is shared between horse and rider. This bond, when properly achieved, has the potential to completely revolutionize the way both horse and rider view their work as a team. It is not always possible to get in the […]

How To Take Your Horse’s Vitals

If you are a horse owner, knowing how to recognize and take your horse’s vitals in order to diagnose their condition could mean a world of difference in the case of injury or illness. Being knowledgeable on the basics of the equine body is something that all horse owners, and really equestrians in general, should […]

How To Plan The Perfect Trail Ride

One of the best parts of being an equestrian is having the ability to pack up and head out with some good friends and some good horses to spend some time with nature. A trail ride is the perfect way to de-stress, relax, and enjoy some great time in the saddle, but it is very […]

The Great Bedding Debate: Straw Versus Shavings

Our number one priority when purchasing bedding for our horses’ stalls is keeping them safe, dry, and comfortable. Like most things in the equine industry, the type of bedding, as well as the amount of bedding that we use, can become quite a hot topic as many people have varied opinions based on things like […]

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