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Equine Myofibrillar Myopathy: The Mysterious Muscle Disorder

Equine Myofibrillar Myopathy (MFM) is a condition related to the muscles that, while actively being researched by owners, veterinarians, and professionals, is still relatively mysterious to researchers. At the moment, professionals have observed that the muscle disorder seems to only affect Warmblood and Arabian horses. While the exact cause is still unknown, it is speculated […]

9 Different Equine Emergencies And Proper Initial Responses

Equine emergencies can happen at any moment, and it is important to have an initial plan to help your horse remain as calm and safe as possible. Continue reading for a list of 9 different equine emergencies, as well as how to react accordingly as a responsible horse owner. 1. Emergency: Colic Colic is always […]

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